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"The Cabinet Door Making Solution" Now - Live Demo available


Recent new features include:

  • Door Options
    • Panel Treatments (Grooving Etc)
      • Panel Spacing (2" on center, 2-1/2" On Center etc.)
    • Outside Options
    • 4 more User Definable Door Options
  • Material Thickness and Attributes options
  • Boring and Hinging: Automatically Count (and price) Bores and/or Hinges based on Door size
  • Email of Customer Reports:
    • Price Quotes
    • Acknowledgements
    • Invoices
  • Enhanced "Custom" Pricing on a line item basis
  • Quick "Capture" of Specifications from any line item for enhanced data entry/editing
  • Automatic separation of Jobs and Quotes
  • Separate Auto-Notes for Invoices, Acknowledgements and Quotes
  • Back Order and Re-Make Capability (Automatically generate Back Orders and Re-Make Orders)
  • On the fly Custom Door changes during job entry
  • Door Testing Button (Show me the parts) while defining or changing doors
  • Over 30 New Job Reports… Plus reports options and Many New Management reports
  • Enhanced QuickBooks® functionality
  • New Metric options (including metric shop output)
  • Many new options and switches that tailor Doorlister® to your business
  • New Export formats for CNC equipment
  • Bar Codes Now Available for customizing

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