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Quickbooks® Connection Module


This module provides seamless integration of both customers and invoices between Quickbooks® and Doorlister®.

Ideally you would like to have all your Quickbooks® customers instantly added into Doorlister® to eliminate re-entering hundreds or thousands of customers.

You can also import the Customer Rep, Terms, and Credit Limit.

Once all your customer data is imported, if changes are made to either Quickbooks® or Doorlister®’s, they can be synchronized by a simple import/export function.

To download a PDF file about the QuickBooks® module, Click HERE!





You will also be able to transmit invoiced jobs through this connector. Once a job is invoiced in Doorlister®, you can simply export it to Quickbooks®:


Exporting Quickbooks® Customer Data

Creating an Export File from Quickbooks®


Once you are in Quickbooks®, select File -> Utilities -> Export

From here you will get a screen similar to this:


Doorlister® currently supports

3 items to import from this list :

  1. Customer List
  2. Payment Terms List
  3. Sales Rep List

You can check one or all

of the items above and

click the OK button.


Now you will be brought to an export window. You can save the .IIF file in any directory on your system. Keep in mind it should be a directory available to Doorlister®. This example shows customer.IIF being saved into C:\Doorlister2000\QBData\


Clicking the Save button will Result in seeing this message:

Now we have completed exporting your entire Quickbooks® customer list. Now we will go into Doorlister® to import the list.

Importing the Export File into Doorlister®

Once you are in Doorlister®, From the main menu select Customers -> Quickbooks® Data. You should see a screen like this:

Select which fields you would like to have imported using the checkboxes.

 If the file name shown in the form is incorrect, you can use this file icon to hunt it down.

  Once you have the correct file selected, you can simply hit this button to perform the import.


You should receive a set of messages if you selected all 3 to be imported.

All your selections should be imported into Doorlister®.  Once this process has happened, you can change information for each customer in either Doorlister® or Quickbooks® and then synch (update) them by performing an export/import routine.

Exporting Doorlister® Invoices into Quickbooks®

Creating an Export File from Doorlister®

Once you have jobs in Doorlister® that have had an invoice viewed or printed out, it will be allowed to export to Quickbooks®. In the Door Jobs, select Quickbooks® Export.

The default export file path will be “C:\Doorlister2000\QBData” with the default filename being “ExportJobs.IIF”. You can change this to any directory or name if you choose too.

 - This button will make the invoice show up in Quickbooks® main company screen as shown here:

 - This allows you to setup a Quickbooks® account and a description to show up on your Quickbooks® invoices for each of the following:

  • Down Payment
  • Finish Amount
  • Freight
  • Invoice
  • Net Sales
  • Tax

The account field should be setup to properly match your Quickbooks® chart of accounts.

Once you have highlighted which jobs you wish to export, simply select the           button.

You should then see a screen similar to this:

Now we have successfully exported the job(s) into the file “C:\Doorlister2000\QBData\ExportJobs.IIF”

Importing the Export File into Quickbooks®.


Once you are in Quickbooks®,

select File -> Utilities -> Import 

You will then need to select the correct file name you specified when you exported the job list from Doorlister®. In this case we saved the job file to


Select Open when you have found the correct file name.

Quickbooks® should display a message to this effect:

Now if you look at the Company Navigator in Quickbooks®, you should see the jobs you had in Doorlister®.

Clicking on the Blue highlighted text will bring up a more detailed Invoice.


From Quickbooks® you can now easily manage your accounting end from any invoices you create in Doorlister®.

Quickbooks® Connection Module for Dovetail Drawers

The process for exporting dovetail invoices into Quickbooks® is very similar to exporting door jobs.

1) From the Dovetail Drawers Menu – select Quickbooks® Export.

2) There will be a Export Drawer Orders Form that appears. The format is very alike to the regular door jobs form on page 6. Simply select which jobs to export, make sure your file path is correct, and hit the           button to export. Next we move into Quickbooks® to import these jobs.

3) Once you are in Quickbooks®, select File-> Utilities -> Import. Select the correct file and click on OK. This should bring up a confirmation saying “Your data has been imported.”

4) Your dovetail drawer jobs should now be imported into Quickbooks®.

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