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Just the Facts

Quick review of some of Doorlister®ís features.

Doorlister® can handle an unlimited number for door styles per job.
Doorlister® can handle plane, panel, multi-panel, grid, wainscot, European and many other special kinds of door styles.
Doorlister® takes input (door sizes) and makes cutting lists for an unlimited number of door types (Styles).
Doorlister® automatically calculates stiles, rails, mullions and panels.
Doorlister® will make Invoices, Acknowledgements and Quotations based on door style, material, pre-finishing, set-up (Fixed) costs and Price per square foot based on Door Style and Material. Special pricing and discounts can also be set up based on customer, volume and other special considerations.
Doorlister® can optionally be set up to "talk" to CNC cutoff saws, panel saw optimizing programs, CNC Routers, Tennoners etc. This ability is customized for each situation based on equipment.

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