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Back in 1987

By Gene Hammond

Back in 1987 when I wrote the first release of Doorlister®, I had no idea of it’s future. Today, Doorlister® is responsible for parts lists and Invoices for thousands of doors every day… a continuing work-in-progress, Doorlister® now is a 32bit Windows product and requires Windows 98/ME/2000/XP to operate.

A new path… Open Architecture

With the changing computer industry and varying standards for programming, people are rightly concerned about the future of their specialized applications for their business. After all, small software companies come and go. And what happens to your specialty software as computers, the industry and companies move on?

Hammond Consulting (formerly Vertical) took a new path as Doorlister® moved from DOS to the Windows environment. The new Doorlister®, 32 bit applications are written in Microsoft Access® the industries leading database application environment.

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