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Doorlister® Customizing

We customize Doorlister® in many ways. In fact that's one of the reasons Doorlister® has grown to be the product it is today. Companies all over the country have made arrangements with us to customize Doorlister® to fit needs special to their company.

Some examples of customization follow.

  • Custom Reports for the shop of office

    Perhaps your shop has a particular report, cutting list or production schedule that everyone is used to and you would like that report out put from Doorlister®.

    You may not like the way Doorlister® currently sorts parts, you need them sorted differently or you need a special copy for the glue up department or you would like special milling tolerances added for a rough mill

  • Sending parts lists to Saws

    Perhaps you have a particular saw that is capable of importing parts lists and you would like Doorlister® to automatically create the lists for the saw.

  • Connecting to accounting systems or other software programs

    We have connected Doorlister® to several different type of accounting systems. Doorlister® does the work of calculating complex door pricing schemes, but Doorlister® is not an accounting system. You may want us to customize Doorlister® to "talk" to your accounting system.

  • Other customization possibilities

    Bar Code output, CNC connections, Custom Scheduling, import / export data to other systems.


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