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Doorlister® Security Module

Doorlister®’s security module allows you to define user access privileges for various parts of the program. You may set up any number of security levels where different users have access to only specific aspects of the program.

If you would like to download a PDF file about the security module click HERE!


Setting up Security

There is a switch called “User Security” in the Company Setup form under System Settings. This switch needs to be turned on in order to have access to the Security Menu.

NOTE: The first time you turn this switch on, you will need to exit back out of the Systems Settings form for security to be activated. When you try to enter back in, you will get a message “Security Level too low, Access Denied”. This is because security has been activated, but you have not logged in. At this point you may log-in by using the hot key combination Ctrl-Shift-L. Initial users will be in the pull down list and the password is the same as the user name. Steve, Vicky, and Gene all are set to security level 1 and have full access to the system.

Once activated and after you have logged in with a Security Level 1 account there will be a new menu available under System Settings > User Security

¨      Add/Edit Users
Use this option to add or edit users, delete existing users or change passwords.


Security Access Settings
Use this Option to Set Security Level and Allow Override switch for Doorlister® Actions. Some care and study of the Available Actions needs to be made in setting the Security Levels. Some actions are beneath other actions in the Doorlister® menu and form system. Thus if you want a user to be able to be able to print Acknowledgements or Packing Lists, then he needs access to the Door Jobs Main Menu Selection as well as the Add/Edit Jobs/List selection. He may however be shut off for all other buttons and menu selections (The sample startup Security Levels have this example setup for Security Level 3)

¨      Action
This is the Doorlister® Action. It may be a menu selection, a form button or a report type. Details of each Action are shown at the bottom of the form under the title “Description of Action”

¨      Security Level
1 is the highest security level. A level 1 action requires a Level 1 User, A Level 2 Action Requires a Level 2 or a Level 1 User and so on. Using this type of Security Level management, you can set as many security levels as desired.

¨      Allow Override
If Allow Override is checked (the default), then a user who is denied access to a portion of the program may allow a more secure person a one time Override. This override may be activated using the hot key combination Ctrl-Shift-O. Thus a supervisor may be working with someone in training or whatever and Override to get to a more secure Action. This Override is good for only one instance, and will need to be repeated if going two or more levels deep. The only place that this override is not effective is in the Job Reports menu as each report is checked in sequence when the form is enacted, thus the override is disabled.

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