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Doorlister® Job Tracking Module

The Job Tracking Module allows a company to setup an unlimited number of workstations (work areas or processing areas) and gives the ability to track jobs progress through the manufacturing process.

At any time you can view the status of a job to see where it is in the shop.

Most companies that use this module, actually place computers our in the shop in key areas, others simply set up job tracking in a shop office as a central control area where all scheduling and job tracking is done. There is a simple form that a foremen or worker uses to simply click a button to move a job from one work area to the next.

Today's technology offers wireless technology that works well with Doorlister® to place workstation computers virtually anywhere without the need for network wiring. Hammond Consulting has particular expertise in this area and can help you configure a wireless "secure" network for your operation.

Following are details from the Job Tracking Module sheet. If you would like to download these details in PDF format click Here!


There is a “Workstation” menu selection from the Menu Selection “System Settings” - “Workstations”. With this form you may add as many Workstations as you like.

  • Workstation: Name of Workstation as it will be seen in the shop Production form and the Jobs Released to Shop Report.
  • Sequence: The normal sequence that will be used for processing jobs through the shop. The lower numbers will be accomplished first.
  • Description: Description of the workstation helping to clarify what is done at this Workstation.

User Security

Although it is possible to have the Drawer Box module without the security module, it is not recommended if you want shop personnel to have the ability to update job status and not have to ability to edit jobs, setting etc.

To have shop personnel only able to update job status, set JT Production Security level lower then other settings.

There are new user security settings relating to production. These are found under:
System Settings - User Security - Security Access Settings

Screen Show of the Set Workstation Screen that comes up when Production is selected from the Main Menu.

  • Production (JT Production): Gives the ability to Set Jobs to Workstations. The actual Menu item is available from the Main Menu and is titled “Production”. This menu choice brings up a form that allows authorized Production Personnel to set a job as complete at their Workstation. A Job is Set by selecting the Job then Clicking the + Button on the right. Once set, the Job will disappear from the local screen so that it won’t be selected again for this workstation.

    The Set Workstation form is customized for each workstation by selecting the Workstation from the scrolling list. Once selected, Doorlister® will remember the workstation the next time the form is accessed.

  • Release Job (JT Release Job): Gives the ability to release a job to the shop so it will show up on the Production form. A job is released by double-clicking the “Release Date” field on the Jobs form (Door Jobs - Add/Edit Jobs/Lists).
  • Cloud Callout: Set or Remove Filter for Selected or All Jobs.

    Job Status (JT Job Status): This is a camera button on the Jobs form that shows the statues (Workstations completed) for the selected job. This form also gives the ability to Preview and Print a report (Job Status Report) of the status of the selected or All Jobs. Once a job’s Shipped or Invoiced date field has been filled in it will no longer show up on this report.

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