System Requirements

Doorlister® currently runs on the following Windows platforms – 98, ME, 2000 and XP. Systems should be a minimum of Pentium 2 class PC (400MHZ or more preferred) with at least 128MB (preferable 256MB or more) of RAM. There should be at least 250mb free hard disk space to allow for the installation and for expansion as the data file is used. As a general rule, the faster the processor, hard drive, and more RAM will increase the performance of Doorlister®.

Companies that will be using multiple workstations will benefit from having a dedicated file server for storing the data file when it is being used. We generally do not recommend using peer to peer networking (another workstation as the server) since users will typically be using the machine for other things. If this machine was to crash or be unexpectedly rebooted without all the users getting out of Doorlister®, it can cause the data file to become corrupted.



For any requirement concerns or any questions in general please contact Doorlister® Support.






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