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Grids are a super flexible door type in Doorlister®

You can make Glass doors with Lites or Mullions.
Grids can by any number of columns wide by any number of columns high.
Shaker V-Split door can be easily defined using a Doorlister® "Grid"


Use Doorlister®'s "Smart-Grid" technology to automatically create sections depending on the size at order time.


Grids can be set up to do multi-panel doors, light grids or wainscot. They are easy to setup and like other specifications, automatically calculate, stiles, rails and mullions. Smart Grids can also be set up that automatically add mullions or rails at specific intervals.

Special Grid Settings

These extra settings on the Grid Door allow for locking widths all around the door. You can also specify certain sections wide, so a Grid could have 2 panels on the top section and 1 panel on the bottom for instance.

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